Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lisa is the wildest of the herd and seems to knock her horns off when she gets stressed out. But she has a real pretty coat and a kind eye when she stops being afraid of your shadow.

Mimosa, (on the right) is an experienced mother. I am hoping she is expecting for this spring. She will help show the yearlings how to be good mamas. Uncle Scottie (on the left) is a wether and has mighty fine fleece. He is a favorite in the flock.

"Fine Fettle Mimosa"

"Fine Fettle Marigold" We are hoping she is pregnant as well.

  • The two pregnant females came from Fine Fettle Farm in Vermont. Lasell and Robert Bartlett are my Jacob Sheep mentors and my good friends. Lasell and I are kindred spirits in the horse world as well as other things in life.

"Uncle Scottie" He was suppose to be the freezer lamb when he came, but he "Baaaa'd" his way into our hearts. When Richard is doing projects in the sheep pasture/barn, these curious creatures are under foot just like a child. Scottie has been known to pick up a tool and ask if you want help with your mess.

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